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Accident Management InsuranceAccident Management Insurance

At Sky Insurance, we have developed a unique product that enables Accident Management companies to arrange insurance cover on their vehicles that are to be used as replacement vehicles, due to recent accidents. The product is called InsureCarHire. Further details about Accident Management Insurance can also be found on the InsureCarHire website.

Accident Management companies deal with most aspects of motor accident claims, from organising the recovery of damaged vehicles, the repairs and becoming involved with the arrangements of claiming on the relevant insurance policies. With most insurance policies, a replacement vehicle is not part of the cover, but when this is required due to the customer's vehicle no longer being road worthy, this is also something that Accident Management companies can put in place. The Accident Management company will often have their own fleet of vehicles for this purpose of offering customers replacement vehicles. These vehicle’s need to be insured for the period of hire - this is referred to as Accident Management Insurance.


InsureCarHire offers an online Accident Management Insurance facility, taking care of all the insurance requirements for your fleet of accident replacement vehicles. The service offers;

  • 'daily rate' premiums based on hire periods
  • the fleet of replacement vehicle details stored online for easy access for cover
  • select vehicle option and add hirer details for cover period
  • 24/7 access over the internet
  • insurance certificate immediately available for printing
  • fleet management tools, eg. diary system of reminders of insurance expirying, tax disc required

The InsureCarHire facility allows for all your Accident Management Insurance to be arranged online - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No software is required, as insurecarhire can be accessed through an internet connection. Due to the unique premium structure of 'daily rates', you will only pay for hire insurance for the days when the vehicles are out on hire - which seems much fairer than paying a standard annual premium, regardless of how often the vehicles are being driven.

For more details about InsureCarHire, please visit the InsureCarHire website. If you wish to apply directly for an account with InsureCarHire please click this link and complete the Quotation Request page.