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Bad Debt Household InsuranceBad Debt Household Insurance

If you or someone you are living with has bad debt, then you will understand that it can be difficult to obtain Household Insurance. Here at Sky Insurance, we offer a Household Insurance scheme for people with Bad Debt.

The Sky Insurance scheme includes the following benefits:

  • Premiums start as low as £150.00
  • The Policy Excess can start as low as £100.00
  • We may still be able to provide terms, even if you have outstanding debt

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The Sky Insurance Bad Debt Household Insurance Scheme

The Sky Insurance Bad Debt  Household Insurance scheme was created for those who had outstanding or bad debt. If you, or anyone you are living with has had a County Court Judgement (CCJ), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or been made bankrupt then this must be disclosed to your insurer. The time period for this would be any of the above which have occurred within the last 10 years, or longer, if the debt is still outstanding at present. The information must be declared, even if the debt is now cleared.

We work with top insurers to be able to provide you with Insurance cover. For our Bad Debt Household Insurance Scheme, we have the ability to offer premiums as low as £150.00. In addition, we are also able to offer a policy excess as low as £100.00.

If you have outstanding debt, we may also be able to still over you terms for cover. If you call a member of a specialist team today, they will be able to assist you further and provide you with more information, in relation to your current circumstances.

We Can Help...

Many insurers may refuse to even offer you a quote if there is evidence of outstanding debt. Here at Sky Insurance, our specialist Household team should be able to offer you, not only a competitive quote, but a no obligation quote as well. 

03303 331 255

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why would I need to disclose a CCJ to my Household Insurer?

Answer: There has been a rise in the number of fraudulent claims in recent years. Due to this, insurers have become prudent in respect of collating all the information they require that may affect their decision to offer insurance terms (which include adverse financial history).

Question: What would happen if I do not disclose a bad debt to my Household Insurer?

Answer: It's vital that you disclose all the relevant information as if you do not, in the event of a claim, the Insurance company could investigate your financial history. They would then discover the bad debt and can potentially void your insurance policy, not pay out for the claim and leave you with no cover in place.