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Blocks of Flats InsuranceBlock of Flats Insurance

If you reside in a flat that is part of a block, it can be more convenient (and cheaper) to purchase a 'Block of Flats Insurance' for the whole block. As the individual flats are connected, buying your insurance this way will avoid the individual properties duplicating certain cover levels.

The Sky Insurance 'Block of Flats Insurance Scheme' can offer full cover for all the individual flats under just one insurance scheme. Our Scheme offers the following:

  • Cover available for landlords
  • Cover available for a block of flats owned by a Residents Association
  • Cover against subsidence, flooding and fire
  • Can cover up to £5,000,000 of property owners liability

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The Sky Insurance Block of Flats Insurance Scheme

The Sky Insurance 'Block of Flats Insurance Scheme' is available for landlords or a block of flats owned by a Residents Association. This is providing that there are usually more than 6 flats in the block (unless the property is located in Scotland).

The scheme offers cover against subsidence, flooding and fire. Cover up to £5,000,000 is also available in respect of property owner's liability, in addition to alternative accommodation and loss of rent.

Our scheme enables you to manage the flats, without having to manage each insurance policy individually.

We Can Help...

If you want to find out further information in relation to The Sky Insurance 'Block of Flats Insurance Scheme', or would like a quote, you can either call us today or submit an online request for a quote...

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I own a block of flats. Can I get cover for loss of rent? 

Answer: A block of flats buildings policy does cover for loss or rent. Usually this would be 20% of the buildings sums insured, however, it would only be paid in the event of a claim being made for damage to the property itself (for example: a flood or fire claim). It would not cover a tenant refusing to pay the rent. You can however take out a separate additional 'Guaranteed loss of rent' cover and 'Landlords legal expenses' cover, in order to cater for this eventuality.

Question: Who is this type of policy available for?

Answer: Landlords or a Residents Association who owns a block of flats.