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VW Golf - Project Frankenstein! - Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Sky Insurance

VW Golf – Project Frankenstein!
George Trout
  • On January 16, 2014

We’ve been talking to our awesome friends over at All Dubs and they mentioned one of their guys (Sam) had recently sold his VR6 swapped Mk2 Golf.   We’ve got a bit of a ‘thing’ for Mk2 Golfs in the Sky Insurance office so we asked for more details and photos to be sent over so we could share these on our blog…  Allow us to introduce ‘Project Frankenstein‘ .

Wording & Images provided by All Dubs

It all started back in 2009 when it was time for a change, Sam ended up buying a friend’s 1.3 MK2 Golf not knowing the the amazing build it would end up to be. Almost a blank canvas, the creativity was endless to toy around with this new project and make it everything Sam wanted.

After driving it around on coilovers and Ronal LS’s for a while, the small 1.3 just wasn’t satisfying Sam enough and coincidentally, less than a stones throw away was a Stage 4 Golf G60 donor car hiding in a garage.  When the owner knocked on Sams door offering the car, it was a no brainer.

Now this is where the fun beings. Using a friend’s garage, both cars were stripped down ready for a heart transplant too good to turn down. Almost everything but the body itself was used. The old 1.3 engine was thrown away for the juicy Stage 4 Jabba tuned G60 and the puny old brakes were upgraded for some Zimmerman 280mm disks with VR6 calipers.

Still using the original 1300 CL trim, the only way to know this sleeper was not to be messed with was that whine!

It was time to get rid of those small bumpers for some genuine late spec trim and bumpers to go with new heart. Unfortunately, as most people know, red cars sometimes turn pink and the new bumpers could be described only as ‘Tornado pink’,  so a trip to the bodyshop for a full respray was now on the cards. Those 7.5J Ronals had to go for something a little wider and luckily a set of BBS RM’s popped up around the same time and cosmetically things were looking even better now.

Over the next few years the project was used as a daily driver with minor work done here and there, from wishbone changes, wheel bearings, new exhaust and a few other bits until one of Sam’s friends made him an offer for the G60 engine that he couldn’t refuse. So what was next?

A few days later, a MK3 VR6 donor car had shown up, ready to be stripped down. Another heart transplant was on the cards.

Happy with his new idea of a supercharged VR, it was time to search the net for parts to take this engine to the next level however, what happened next was a surprise to everybody. Sam received a message online with somebody who was very interested in this immaculate MK2. A phone call later, Sam was giving the interested party a test drive. That same day, Sam watched the car he’d up built over 4 years drive away with it’s new owner.

Sam isn’t finished building cars and he assures us his next builds will be just as amazing.

Just a quick note to say that although Sky Insurance do not insure this awesome Mk2, we have many similar cars on our books which are covered via our car club scheme.  All Dubs friends and followers qualify for up to a 20% discount from Sky Insurance so be sure to cal us on tel: 01707 642552 or email your contact details to [email protected]