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New Car Club Partnership - TIPEC - The Independant Porsche Enthusiasts Club

George Trout
  • On May 31, 2014

Here at Sky Insurance we work with a lot of you via the online car club forums that have served as a fountain of knowledge and a social platform for all of us at some stage in our car enthusiast lives. Love them or hate them, they are incredibly helpful and many a like minded friendship have been struck up using them.

So we have recently joined forces with TIPEC – The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club.


TIPEC is a strong, independent owners and enthusiasts club dedicated to the Porsche marque. Run by members for members, a non profit making company with 1375 members over the course of a year.


Cars owned range from £1,500 924’s to £150K 991 GT3’s, Sportmatics, Boxsters, 944’s, 911’s and all the rest of them. Standard or modified, concours or a daily driver awaiting restoration – all are welcome at TIPEC.


They produce their magazine ‘All Torque’ 5 or 6 times a year and run a very extensive website with an active forum readable to all.

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Porsche Enthusiast? Please do join up with the TIPEC Group

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