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Performance Cars: the BMW M2

Performance Cars: the BMW M2
Sophie Cloud
  • On July 4, 2016

Amongst many of you fellow car enthusiasts, the BMW marque itself lays deep at the heart of conversation when it comes to talking about performance cars. Whether you are discussing the M3, M4 or M5, there’s always something new to talk about. The m-sport range speaks for itself when it comes to performance, and rivals many of its competitors such as the Audi RS range.

According to AutoCar, the third best performance car of 2016 is the BMW M2. Seeing as we have already written about number one and number two: the Ford Focus RS and the Mercedes AMG C63, we have now decided to discuss number three – the BMW M2 in more detail…

The BMW M2 2016

Performance Cars - BMW M2

The 2016 model of the M2 consists of a whopping 364 BHP, from a 3.0 litre engine, which gives out a top speed of 155mph and can do 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds. It’s got 6 cylinders and 24 valves and is estimated to be able to get 377 miles out of a full tank (which obviously won’t be quite as achievable if you’re rather keen with the accelerator).

The car is a petrol machine and has a manual gearbox, which is all the more fun when needing to pick up the pace slightly. It’s also rear-wheel drive, which gives the car better balance and in effect, better handling.

It’s got a sporty appearance from the offset (regardless of what’s even under the bonnet) with 4 seats and 2 doors.

From new you can be looking to pay from £44,000 upwards, yet from second-hand you can be looking to pay from £35,000 upwards.

Insurance for a BMW M2

At present, there is not an official NCAP safety rating for the M2 however we do know that the insurance group for this model is 42. This grouping is quite high and is indicative of a higher (than standard) insurance premium.

It may also be worth looking into a Performance Car Insurance policy as opposed to a standard car insurance policy. That way, all the high-tech and high-powered specifications will be covered.

Top 10 Performance Cars of 2016

In relation the top picks from AutoCar, the following are their ‘top 10’ when it comes to choosing a performance car in 2016:

Top 10

  1. Ford Focus RS
  2. Mercedes AMG C63
  3. BMW M2
  4. Volkswagen Golf R
  5. BMW M3
  6. Lexus GS F
  7. Audi RS3 Sportback
  8. Mercedes AMG CLA 45
  9. Vauxhall VXR8
  10. Subaru WRX STI

Do you agree with AutoCar?

We’ve already written about many of the cars on this list, so check out our blog for detailed write-ups on some of the other cars on the ‘top 10’ list.

Further information: Performance Car Insurance