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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Sky Insurance | March 9, 2021

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Sky Insurance's Modified Customer Car of the Year 2016!

Sky Insurance’s Modified Customer Car of the Year 2016!
Sophie Cloud
  • On December 16, 2016

Throughout the duration of 2016, we have seen some miraculous customer cars on cover here at Sky Insurance. Although we show appreciation all year round for our customer’s cars on social media, we thought it would be an even nicer idea if we dedicated this to all of them.

As a result, we want to ask YOU, the public, to vote on which car is your favourite. Everyone will have different reasons for picking the car they choose and that’s fine. We love diversity and no car is too small or too powerful for us to appreciate.




Sky Insurance Customer Car of the Year 2016 Results

Sky Insurance Customer Car of the Year 2016 Results


Can’t decide? Read more about the cars…

You can read much more about the cars and what modifications they have had below.

All of these cars are covered under our ‘Modified Car Insurance‘ scheme.

A modification on your car can simply be adding some alloy wheels or a spoiler, or it can mean adding an extravagant turbo conversion. We believe that people who modify their cars take pride in their cars, and therefore look after them. As part of our Modified Car Insurance scheme, we can offer: discounts for members of our car clubs, limited mileage discounts, ‘like for like’ modification cover, agreed valuation cover, and more.

1. Adam’s Toyota GT86

Adam - Toyota GT86

This GT86 doesn’t just have the looks but has the power to back it up too.

Normally 2Litre and Naturally aspirated its now been turbocharged and is currently running 320Bhp. As well as the Stage 3 Billet Turbo Kit with supporting modifications it’s also had a full V1 Rocket Bunny body kit fitted complete with side skirts, splitter and carbon GT wing and to finish off a gorgeous and quite pricey set of Work Meister M1’s which suit this body incredibly well.

2. Alex’s Ford Focus RS

Alex - Ford Focus RS

This Mk2 Focus RS is very unique and definitely stand out from the crowd.

Alex has had a customer Monster Energy Vinyl wrap. Under the bonnet he is running a JWR 120i Remap bringing the car to 420Bhp. An extra 120Bhp more than standard.

3. Curt’s Honda Civic Type R

Curt - Honda Civic Type R

This Ep3 Civic Type R has been resprayed in the lovely Championship white. Not only is the car this colour but he has had his original Enkei wheels powder coated to match the car. The K20 engine is still naturally aspirated but has had induction and exhaust modifications. The car has had a lot of visual modifications but has been kept simple and tasteful.

“Right now, my Honda Civic Type R is around 220bhp. It’s an ep3 (UK spec) 2002 model and has a 2.0 litre engine.”

Here’s some of the modifications and work that’s been completed on the car:

  • Full respray in ‘championship white’ (98 Integra DC2 blend)
  • Replaced the Type R badges with new ones and re-sprayed
  • The original Enkei alloys have been powder-coated in ‘championship white’
  • Have added an EK9 JDM decal set
  • Input a ‘Skunk2’ weighted gear-knob
  • EK9’d headlights (inner part painted black)
  • Included a full energy poly-bush suspension bush kit, and inputted engine mount inserts
  • Vibra-Technics front upper engine mount
  • Tegiwa solid sub-frame collar kit
  • Projekt K steering rack slider
  • Beaks rear lower sub-frame brace
  • AEM v2 induction kit
  • Scorpion stainless exhaust system with tuner tailpipe
  • Eibach pro lowering springs with camber adjustment front and rear

Check out this blog all about it

4. Gareth’s Ford Focus RS

Gareth - Ford Focus RS

Gareth’s Mk3 was the first one to go on cover with Sky. Gareth has a love for being different and has certainly put his own stamp on this RS, just like he did with his last. One of the only ones with Air ride it definitely stands out. As well as the air ride he has a set of Gold Comp wheels and Scorpion Exhaust.

5. Chris’ Toyota Supra

Chris - Toyota Supra

This car has been practically rebuilt in order to achieve 765bhp! This particular car, as stock, came with an N/A engine which usually produces around 200-220bhp, and had a 4-speed automatic gearbox. The car has gone through an incredible amount of changes in order to produce 765bhp / 596ftlbs torque at the wheels – which is what it produces now. The engine has been fully forged to the point where it has the potential to withstand 1000+BHP (with the right supporting modifications, of course). Chris chose a T67 Turbo, as he believed it has the best all-round acceleration and top-end speed.

Find out how Chris did it by reading this blog.

6. George’s AE86 Trueno

AE86 Trueno

The Toyota AE86 is a very iconic car within its own rights. The car was imported from japan and has recently been purchased by George. Currently he is in the process of putting his own stamp on this car. The vehicle has had suspension changes and some minor engine modifications. We are sure that we will be seeing more changes before it gets to show season.

7. Harvey’s Honda S2000 GT

Harvey - Honda S2000 GT

The Honda S2000 is one of those cars that doesn’t need many improvements from how it came from the factory. The car originally had a 2Litre naturally aspirated which came with 240Bhp from the factory. Harvey has left the car naturally aspirated but done a lot of other mods.

While Harvey focused on modifying the style of his Honda S2000 with a modification list that includes:

  • Interior swap from red to black
  • Drift Front Grill swap
  • Stock seats swap to Recaro race seats (from Honda Integra DC5)
  • OMP Removable Race Steering Wheel
  • Alpine head unit + uprated speakers + 12” JBL Subwoofer
  • Staggered 18” Rota Grid Race Wheels with over fenders
  • Tien Mono Flex adjustable suspension with EDFC controller
  • Big Brake Kit: PB performance 6 pot 356mm
  • Pirelli P ZERO Race Tyres
  • K&N Race Air Charger
  • Evans Waterless Coolant Conversion
  • Skunk2 Mega Power Header
  • Skunk2 Mega Power Cat Back Exhaust
  • Stage 2 Brian Crower Cam shaft
  • AEM Series 2 ECU Controller (9,200 RPM Cut off)
  • Aluminium Light weight Pulleys
  • Spec Stage 3 Race Clutch
  • ACT Race Spec Light weight Flywheel
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

Find out the exact modification by reading this blog.

8. Jamie’s Nissan 200sx

Jamie - Nissan 200sx

The list of modifications Jamie has made to his Nissan 200sx could fill an entire blog post… so we wrote one. Check out the full list of mods here.

Currently running 300Bhp this car hasn’t just had engine mods it’s had lots more done to it. Jamie is currently running a Garrett GT28R turbo with braided lines as well as other supporting mods to get it to this power. As well as the engine this car has had rear over fenders, front wings, skirts and other body modifications. He also has a set of Work Meister S1’s which we love.

Modifications include;

  • Garrett GT28R turbo with braided lines
  • Apex turbo manifold
  • HKS adjustable actuator
  • 800bhp Stainless elbow
  • Japspeed Ultra Low downpipe
  • Blitz Nur Spec cat back system
  • Apex Gen 2 coil overs
  • 6″ front springs
  • Hardrace adjustable toe arms
  • Apex adjustable camber arms
  • Whiteline front ARB
  • Apex half cage
  • R33 GTR Brembo front calipers
  • Ferrado DS2500 pads
  • 330mm grooved rotors
  • R33 GTR BMC (BM57)
  • Tegiwa BMC stopper
  • ABS removed


The voting ends at 3pm on Friday 6th January 2017. We will announce the winner that day!

9. Jason’s Toyota Supra

Jason - Toyota Supra

“I have had many engine upgrades. When I first bought the car it did not have a turbo and was only 220bhp. Then, I did a twin turbo transplant which took the power close to 300bhp. I then did a BPU setup, taking the power to around 450bhp. After this, I pushed the twin turbos, so changed to a Holset single setup 550bhp. After the Holset died I got the Garret T88 single turbo (which is my current setup) and now the car runs at 700bhp.”

Find out more about how Jason took a 220bhp and made it into the 700bhp masterpiece it is now. Read the blog here.

10. Martin’s Ford Falcon (BA) UTE

Martin - Ford Falcon (BA) UTE

This Ford Falcon is the XR6 GT. This 4Litre engine has had a few modifications such as remap, induction and exhaust. As well as this Martin has ensured that the body of the car is back up to his high standards. He has also some body modifications added such as vinyl stripes, better spec bonnet, front splitter and alloy wheels.

11. Michelle’s Nissan S14a

Michelle - Nissan S14a

Michelle’s modifications are all around drifting: Roll cage, bucket seat and harness for safety, Japspeed intercooler, Japspeed exhaust, Exedy clutch, vented bonnet, and Driftworks CS2 suspension.

Read more about Michelle’s Nissan S14a here.

12. Sean’s  Volkswagen Golf GTI

Sean - Golf GTI

This lovely mk1 golf GTI may look like a simple classic car but under the bonnet its not. Sean now has a 2Litre TSFI Audi engine with lots of uprated parts including intake, exhaust, fuel injectors and fuel pump and dump valve. Other than that Sean has kept it simple with new suspension and a set of wheels which suit this classic beautifully.

13. Steve’s Audi S3 Saloon

Steve - Audi S3 Saloon

Modified and currently running at 500bhp, Steve’s Audi S3 saloon is incredibly well known, with over 47k followers on his Instagram it goes to show a simple tasteful look can still get a lot of attention. His past few cars have all had air ride and it does make a huger difference to the visual aspects of the car. Blog will be coming soon.

14. Warwick’s Audi RS3 Quattro

Warwick - Audi RS3 Quattro

Warwick is another customer who’s car is incredibly well known. He currently has 12.9k followers on his Instagram. This is another car that shows just a few tasteful modifications can really have a huge impact on how a car looks. Warwick has gone for the stealth look, not only does it look good but it performs well. The 2.5Litre turbo engine also sounds lovely, especially with the help of a custom exhaust from Emp Performance. This car is currently running at 362bhp. Some of the modification to enhance this beautiful Audi RS3 Quattro include;

  • 4Air ride installation (which has made a massive difference, with custom install)
  • All the window trims were silver – they’re now all blacked out (the car has more of a stealth look – also makes it a lot easier to clean)
  • The wheels have changed from standard
  • Custom exhaust fitted (from EMP Performance, based in St Albans)

Read about it in full here on our Blog section


15. Wayne’s Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Wayne - Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Wayne’s Skyline is a R34 GTR currently running 500Bhp. From standard this car comes with the infamous RB26 Engine. It’s a 2.6Litre twin turbo, it was stated that they came with 276Bhp from factory. This is the second R34 that Wayne has had.

Read all about it here.

16. Ben’s Sleeper Corsa

Sleeper Corsa turbo engine 600bhp

Now this is something special. This old Vauxhall Corsa originally was a 1.2Litre which would have only had 64Bhp from the factory. Ben changed this for a 2Litre turbo 600Bhp Engine. Ben is currently running it on low boost at 400Bhp but that amount of power in something that weighs in at 889Kg its rather impressive. As well as the engine it’s got a full cage but on the outside it looks rather standard… Well maybe if you didn’t notice the massive front mount intercooler.

17. Bob’s Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

So this is the second GTR amongst these cars. However Bob’s really is something special. This R34 GTR comes in the most iconic colour, Bayside Blue and in our opinion the best colour for the R34. Although these cars look gorgeous from standard Bob has kept it simple by changing some of the parts to Carbon Fibre and adding Nismo parts such as side skirts. Although the car may look visually standard its far from it. The engine is now a 2.8Litre with a substantial amount of other supporting mods to get it to the 900Bhp which its currently running. Blog post coming soon. 

18. Bruno’s BMW M4


This BMW M4 comes from the factory with 420Bhp. Currently the power is around the same from factory however he has done some visual mods which we think really make the car stand out. He has added the BMW M Performance pack which does include lots of Carbon Fibre parts to the car not just on the outside but the inside too. As well at this he has changed the wheels to a set of BC Forged RS41 wheels finished in a lovely Crystal Burgundy colour.

19. Chris’ Eunos

Eunos - Modified Car of the Year

This car still has the standard engine and stock internals but has a MP45 Supercharger with a KAVS 15% Reduction Pulley. As well as the engine mods its had lots of visual mods too. The main one to stand out is the full respray in Honda Amethyst Pearl. This really makes the car stand out as well as the Work Meister S1’s and the Megan Racing Carbon Fibre Wing.

20. Dave’s Porsche 911 Turbo S

Porsche 911 Turbo S

This 911 Turbo is 520Bhp from standard so its safe to say it doesn’t exactly need any performance upgrades. Dave does have plans to do some more visual mods but currently its just got uprated suspension and an exhaust system.

21. Jamie’s BMW M3

BMW M3 with 2JZ Supra engine

Many of you would have heard of Jamie Price from his previous and very well known Toyota Supra. We get the feeling that although he is now the proud owner of this lovely E46 M3 he couldn’t completely stay away from the Japanese engines. Now with a 2JZ Conversion and running 700+Bhp this car is becoming a star within its own rights. Recently shared by Car Throttle Jamie received 1.4 MILLION VEIWS.

22. Michael’s Ford Focus – the fastest in the UK

Ford Focus

Now the Mk2 RS is re-nouned for being rather lairy and loud. Michael’s certainly lives up to that reputation but goes above and beyond when it comes to standing out for all of the right reasons. In quite a short time he has transformed the originally 300Bhp car to a 950Bhp+ car. The + is because it can run more but for reliability he runs its at that. Insane we know. He was also one of the first to have a turbo relocation which certainly draws people in considering its sheer size. Next year you will certainly be seeing more of this car.

23. Jamie’s Challenger SRT8 (US Import)

Challenger SRT8 - US Import

Jamie’s Challenger is the only US import in this category and it certainly does portray a good picture for American cars. From factory it may not have the highest Bhp but it will be one of the best sounding. The 6.1 Litre V8 Hemi is one of those sounds that you have to hear for yourself to appreciate how good it sounds. As well as the sound this car looks incredible. The all blacked out stealth look really makes the world of difference.

24. Luke’s Nissan 350z

Nissan 350z

The 350Z is one of them cars that you can visually change quite dramatically with the right modifications. Luke’s is certainly one of our favourites. As far as we are aware he is the only person in the UK with this rear wing, the wing itself has one of the biggest impacts on the car as well as the matte bronze 7Twenty wheels. Currently he has minor engine mods including Induction, Custom titanium exhaust and plenum spacer. From factory the car has a 3.5Litre V6 so with a little help of that Emp custom exhaust it really does sound the part as well as looking it.

25. Nick’s Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

Last but in no means the least we have Rocket. The name Rocket fits this car perfectly and it is loved and known by many. Nick has been through many different looks with this car including an Abu Dhabi style which you can see on our customer car page. He currently has the ACR Composites WRC bumpers, M-Sport Carbon Fibre WRC Wing and a few other visual mods. As well as visual mods Nick is running a EMU Standalone ecu, a huge Borg Warner Turbo which he has had relocated and loads of other supporting engine mods taking the car to 800Bhp. He has just been featured in Decembers issue of Performance Ford magazine where you can see some great pictures of the stripped interior, engine bay and loads more of Rocket in all her glory.

Vote in the ‘Vote Now’ area above. The voting ends at 3pm on Friday 6th January 2017.

We will announce the winner on that day!

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