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The Black Box Insurance Revolution - Making Young Drivers Safer

The Ultimate Coaching Tool for Becoming a Better Driver with a Lower Premium
Tina Playle
  • On May 5, 2017

It’s a known fact that young drivers are facing a constant battle with the price of insurance premiums.

In the past few years, an increasing number of new drivers have opted into the ‘Black Box Insurance’ revolution, which could potentially slash the cost of renewal premiums (providing they drive well) and encourage them to become safer drivers.

What is Black Box Insurance?

Black Box Insurance is a cost-effective way for young drivers to reduce their insurance premium over time. It uses technology that tracks your driving habits, such as; speed, acceleration, and braking.

A small device is fitted behind your dashboard and will track your driving, sending back information that can identify and alert you of any improvements that will reduce your risk as a driver. If you follow this advice, you could potentially benefit from a reduction in your premium.

Want to See the Proof?

Check out these statistics from BIBA (the British Insurance Brokers’ Association)


A few years ago, Black Box Insurance policies were misconceived as a way for insurance companies to enforce limits and restrictions on young drivers, but now, increasing amounts of young drivers are open minded towards using Telematics to improve their own driving habits.

In the past, when you received your insurance renewal price and it had increased, you could be left feeling like you were being punished by other people’s poor claims experience. Now, with Black Box Insurance, your renewal price relates directly to the quality of your driving.

In the light of young drivers taking control of their premiums; Sky Insurance have now launched their own Black Box Insurance Policy for new drivers aged 17-23.

How Does the Sky Insurance Black Box Work?

Upon purchasing a Black Box policy with Sky Insurance, a Black Box is fitted to your car by an engineer (which is at no additional cost). From that moment on, you will have access to an online dashboard, which processes your driving data and generates scores based on several factors. These factors include (but are not limited to):

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Mileage
  • Time of day

The dashboard also allows you to see potential areas for improvement and this should help you to become a safer driver.

You can also receive Driving Advice updates from Sky Insurance’s trained staff, who will let you know when improvements to your driving are needed – see the section on our Unique Coaching System below. This should give you plenty of opportunity to adjust and improve your driving behaviour.

If you are a careful driver, it will show in your Dashboard, indicated by a high percentage score and rating overview, leading to potential reductions when it comes to renewing your premium.

Click here for more details on how our Telematics system works 

What benefits can Sky Insurance offer that other Black Box policies don’t?

Unique Coaching System

Sky Insurance’s new Black Box Insurance Policy goes the extra mile to give you an honest assessment, so you can become a better driver. Exclusively available to the drivers between the ages of 17-23, The Sky Insurance Black Box Policy provides the ultimate coaching tool.

Other insurance companies that offer a Telematics based policy, may simply send a letter that informs the user of their poor driving habits, however, Sky Insurance is dedicated to coach you through it.

Sky Insurance will be pro-active in this approach, and will call you to speak with you directly, as opposed to sending a letter and hoping that you make the necessary changes. By speaking with you, Sky Insurance hope to talk through the analysis of your driving data, and help you better understand the areas for improvement, and how you can make those improvements.

This consistent amount of effort allows the driver to have more opportunities to understand and modify their driving habits, which increases their chances of getting a lower renewal premium.

Advanced Assessments

Sky Insurance’s Telematics technology assesses your speed on a ‘average vehicle speed for that road’ basis. For example, if you are driving on a road at a higher speed than other drivers, even though this might not mean you are breaking the speed limit for the road, then there is a risk that you are driving dangerously and our team will investigate.

The speed limit on some roads, particularly country roads, is not always a ‘safe limit’ and drivers need to assess their speed accordingly to the conditions.

There is also a 24-hour claims line available to all users.

At the inception of the policy, if you volunteer the mileage you intend to use throughout the year, our staff will be able to explain how you can assess this. The price of insurance is effected by the mileage amount. It is important to be as accurate as possible as exceeding your annual mileage will result in an additional premium.

To help keep you ‘on track’ for the stated mileage, Sky Insurance reviews your mileage regularly and you can also view this information on your online Black Box Dashboard. This monitoring ensures that you are consistently updated and won’t get any nasty surprises.

It’s these little extra features that make the Sky Insurance Black Box Policy unique.

So, could the Sky Insurance Black Box Insurance policy be for you?

Ultimately, the main priority of the Sky Insurance Black Box Policy is to keep you, and others on the road, safe. By highlighting areas that you may need to improve and speaking with you to help explain what measures you can take to do so.

The Future of Black Box Insurance for Young Drivers

There is strong evidence that suggests that the introduction of Black Box policies encourages young drivers to be more careful, and with the added coaching element that Sky Insurance provides, you could be part of making the roads safer and premiums for young drivers lower. So, do you want to be part of the revolution that challenges previous statistics, and works to help young drivers?

To find out more about the Sky Insurance Black Box Insurance Policy, click here

Call our Young Drivers Team today to discuss the options or arrange a quotation on 03303 331 256.