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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Sky Insurance | February 27, 2020

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Over 50 modifications have been added to Ryan's Ford Focus ST Mk3

Over 50 modifications have been added to Ryan’s Ford Focus ST Mk3
Sophie Cloud
  • On April 25, 2018

Ryan has only owned this immaculate Ford Focus ST Mk3 for a month. Ryan has been driving for 4.5 years and so far, this is his fifth car. In fact, this is Ryan’s third performance Ford which shows just how much he admires them.

Ryan’s Ford Focus ST Mk3 is a 212 model which currently produces in excess of 310bhp. The modification list is rather extensive. We’ve given more detail in the next section, so you can get an idea of just how much work has been added to the car…

Ford Focus ST Mk3 Modifications

Ford Focus ST Mk3 - feature

Performance modifications:

  • Revo induction system
  • Velossa tech intake scoop
  • Wagner intercooler
  • Miltek 200cell sports cat
  • Custom cat back exhaust
  • Cobb AccessPort Remap device
  • Water methanol injection
  • Intake manifold and throttle body spacers
  • Larger bore throttle body
  • Uprated boost pipes and hoses
  • Uprated boost solenoid
  • Forge recirc valve
  • Balance shaft delete
  • Anti oil starve sump
  • Uprated cooler spark plugs
  • Steeda magnetic oil sump plug

Handling modifications:

  • Airlift performance 3P air ride
  • Quaiffe LSD
  • Ebiach front and rear anti roll bars
  • Ebiach camber arms
  • Steeda uprated rear tie rods
  • Summit Front upper strut brace
  • Summit Front 4 point A frame brace
  • Summit Front 2 point subframe
  • Summit Front 4 point chassis brace
  • Summit Rear 2 point tiebar brace
  • Summit Rear lower exhaust tunnel brace
  • Brembo 4 pot front brakes
  • 300mm rear brake kit
  • Braided brake lines
  • Boomba rear engine mount
  • Breedt short shifter
  • Steeda shifter and gearbox solid bushes

Visual modifications:

  • Fifteen 52 Tarmac aftermarket alloys
  • RS spoiler and TRC extension
  • Shark fin aerial
  • Sun-strip
  • Custom headlights
  • Custom indicators
  • Maxton bonnet extension
  • Engine bay plastics custom painted
  • Front grill smoothed out and painted
  • Custom painted exterior plastics

Interior modifications:

  • Custom SS tuning steering wheel
  • Custom SS tuning gear stick
  • Front dash cam
  • Interior lighting upgrade front and rear
  • Custom speedo dials
  • JCV front and rear door speakers
  • JBL underseat subwoofer
  • Cobb AccessPort
  • False floor boot build for air ride system

Ford Focus ST Mk3

Q&A with Ryan

What’s been your favourite car to drive, and why?

“My favourite car to drive would be my previous 420bhp Mk2 Ford Focus RS… that thing was an animal.”

What’s your favourite track to go on with your car?

“I’ve yet to go out on to a track but it’s something I’m itching to do.”

What would be your dream car?

“Without a doubt it would be a Ford Escort RS Cosworth! That ‘whaletail’ and the front end is just so beautiful.”

Do you use any garages to perform the work on your car?

“I recently had security measures fitted to my car at ‘Matt Lewis Motorsport’. I’m currently in talks with them about forging the engine and going for a big turbo.”

What have you learnt about modifying a car?

“Things will always go wrong and everything will cost more than you think (ha ha). It’s best to do your research first.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to modify a car for the first time?

“Pick a path… do you want ‘show’? Or do you want ‘go’? Try to focus on either one rather than bouncing between the two. I’d always recommend going to a reputable garage to carry out the work on your car.”

What’s your favourite type of Motorsport and why?

“My favourite motorsport would be F1. I was brought up around F1. From a young age I was looking up to world class drivers. This is what really got me into cars in the first place.”

Ford Focus ST Mk3

If you want to see more pictures of Ryan’s Ford Focus ST Mk3, visit his Instagram page.

Insurance for a modified Ford Focus ST Mk3

If you’re looking for insurance for a modified Ford Focus ST Mk3, you’ll want to research a ‘Modified Car Insurance’ policy as opposed to a standard car insurance policy.

At Sky Insurance, our ‘Modified Car Insurance’ policy offers ‘Agreed Valuations’ and ‘Like-for-like’ modifications cover. This type of policy ensures the actual value of your car is covered, in the event of a claim, inclusive of your modifications.

For more information, visit our Modified Car Insurance webpage.

Further Information: Sky Insurance | Modified Car Insurance | Get a Quote

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