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The Ducati 2018 Season Opening Event...

The Ducati 2018 Season Opening Event…
Sophie Cloud
  • On April 6, 2018

The Ducati 2018 Season Opening Event will be taking place this weekend on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April. It’s a nationwide event that will showcase the complete Ducati model range, whilst also welcoming the ‘2018 riding season’.

On Saturday 7th April 2018, you can attend the event from 8.30am-5.00pm. On Sunday 8th April 2018, you can go to the event from 12.00pm-4.00pm.

Where is the event taking place?

The opening launch party will be taking place across the UK, at multiple locations, including: Ducati Manchester, Stoke and Preston.

As well as putting on a display of all the Ducati 2018 bikes, you can also expect some food, entertainment, a few special offers, and maybe even a giveaway or two.

Ducati 2018 Season Opening Event

To see the bikes that will be on show, just pop down to one of the mentioned showrooms. They will be displaying all of the 2018 Ducati motorcycles as well as the all-new Panigale V4. You’ll also be able to book a test ride (advanced booking is recommended for this).

Ducati 2018 Panigale V4

Ducati Panigale V4

If you want to know exactly which bikes will be on display, it’s best to check with the dealership that you’ll be visiting.

As well as the current range of motorcycles, Ducati will also be displaying the latest from their clothing and accessories lines. There will also be a free prize draw. This draw will be for the chance to win a ride on the incredible 959 Panigale out on the spectacular Silverstone circuit.

Guess what? The events are free to attend, you don’t have to purchase a ticket and there’s no parking fees.

For more information, check out the Ducati forum.

Insurance for Ducati Motorbikes

Ducati Insurance are administered by Ramasis Limited. Ramasis Limited are an independent motorcycle insurance specialist (authorised and regulated by the FCA). Ramasis Limited is part of the Sky Insurance Services Group Ltd

For any queries, or for further information, please contact the office on 03448800962 or email using the Ramasis email address: [email protected].

Further Information: Sky Insurance Website | Sky Insurance Facebook page