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Modified Cars: Stephen's impressive Subaru WRXS (Prodrive edition)

Modified Cars: Stephen’s impressive Subaru WRXS (Prodrive edition)
Sophie Cloud
  • On August 28, 2018

This 2009 Subaru WRXS (Prodrive edition) belongs to Stephen. It currently runs at 280bhp, with 360lbft. As you can see, the car has been extensively modified, and as you can probably guess – a lot of hard work has gone into creating the car you see today. It has become his pride and joy, to say the least!

Stephen told us that 90% of the work on the car has been carried out by himself. This includes: the front splitter, rear diffuser, and custom side exit exhaust. He wanted to take on a unique project, and this he has done… a true car enthusiast, no doubt!

Modifications on the Subaru WRXS…

Modified Subaru WRXS

Here’s a list of the modifications that Stephen has added to date:

  • Perrin find
  • Vf43 on a vf52 housing
  • Cosworth panel filter
  • H&s centre section
  • Ksport front 356mm brakes
  • Kyb adjustable shocks with tein springs
  • Team dynamic 18×8 et35 wheels
  • Side exit exhaust
  • Custom made splitter and diffuser
  • Skirt extensions
  • Varis upper and lower carbon spoilers
  • Custom bonnet vents
  • Colour coded grill and bonnet bra

In Stephen’s own words: “My passion is to be unique and make unique thing’s that show my personality. As you can guess, it’s a bit far out there – which my car shows.”

It would seem that there’s no sign of Stephen halting this modification project anytime soon. He plans to add further modifications to the car in the not-so-distant future.

Subaru WRXS

If you’d like to see more pictures of Stephen’s car, and follow his project, visit his Instagram page.

Insurance for a Modified Subaru WRXS

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Are you wondering how insurance works on such a car like this? Well ‘Modified Car Insurance’, that’s how. Here at Sky Insurance, we provide Modified Car Insurance for cars just like Stephen’s modified Subaru WRXS. This type of insurance offers cover which considers the actual value of your car, inclusive of modifications and all the added extras. For example, we can offer ‘Agreed Valuation Cover’, as well as ‘like-for-like modifications cover’. These types of cover ensure your car is covered for its true value – including the mods and their value.

For more information, just visit our Modified Car Insurance webpage.

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