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Insurance for Mercedes-AMG models

Insurance for Mercedes-AMG models
Sophie Cloud
  • On October 30, 2018

Mercedes-AMG produce high-performance versions of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

You can distinguish between standard Mercedes models and the AMG range in several ways. For example, all will have the AMG badges. They also have all-round upgrades, some of which include: handling, suspension, stability, more use of carbon fibre, performance and design. Often, they’re the most expensive (and high-performing) variant of each class (e.g. A Class / C Class) of the Mercedes-Benz range.  If you’ve ever been lucky enough to drive one, or even be a passenger in one, you’ll recognise that distinctive sound when starting the engine!

The styling is robust yet luxurious and encompasses a strong sense of power. The actual power under the bonnet isn’t a topic to shy away from either. AMG models tend to have higher-performance engines giving out more BHP than standard models. So, what do you have when you buy an AMG model? You have it all!

AMG Models

There are many models of AMG, just like there are many ‘standard’ models of Mercedes too. Here’s some of the AMG models we’ve shortlisted to highlight to you…

  • Mercedes-AMG E 53
  • Mercedes-AMG E 63
  • Mercedes-AMG S 63
  • Mercedes-AMG S 65
  • Mercedes-AMG C 43
  • Mercedes-AMG C 63
  • Mercedes-AMG A 45
  • Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé
  • AMG GT Roadster

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Insurance for Mercedes-AMG cars

AMG models are likely to be more expensive than ‘standard’ models due to their higher specifications (of power and design). As such, some standard car insurance providers may not offer cover for them. That’s where we step in. We’re specialists when it comes to insuring high-performance cars. As such, we’ve set-up specialist Performance Car Insurance policies which can offer:

  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Second car discounts
  • Like-for-like modifications cover
  • Breakdown cover

For more information, visit our Performance Car Insurance webpage.

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