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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Sky Insurance | September 19, 2019

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Customer Cars: A look back at the Sky Insurance modified cars collection...

Customer Cars: A look back at the Sky Insurance modified cars collection…
Sophie Cloud
  • On April 26, 2019

Modified cars are our passion. Hearing about all the work our customers have put into modifying their cars is like music to our ears.

From tinted windows to full engine conversions, we’re interested in hearing all of your stories regarding the transformations that have taken place on your vehicles, the project cars you’ve invested in, and the work you’ve done yourself in addition to any work done by specialist garages.

If you’re a customer of ours and would like a customer car feature written about your car, just email us for more information.

This year, just like every other year, has seen some beautiful cars being put on cover and featured in our ‘Customer Car Gallery’. Let’s look back at some of the modified cars we’ve featured in 2019…

Modified Cars

Alex’s modified Toyota Supra

Alex - Toyota Supra - modified cars

This car has been modified beyond belief. Just some of the modifications that have been added include:

  • Hks ssqv black
  • Hks fcd
  • Walbro 255lph
  • Blitz induction
  • RMM front lip black
  • Custom made rx7 feed skirt extensions
  • Ridox low lip spoiler gloss black
  • UK spec front calipers 4 pot
  • UK spec rear calipers 2 pot
  • Hks hypermax coilovers
  • Cusco rear strut
  • Ultralite nurburgrings gold polished lips
  • 18×8.5et 30 front
  • 18×9.5et 20 rear
  • Rolled rear arches
  • Bride rails
  • Momo handbrake

To see the full list, you can read the feature article by clicking here.

Connor’s modified Mk1 Mazda MX5 Eunos

Modified Cars - Mazda Eunos

This car, belonging to our customer – Connor, has had a full EMP performance 3” custom exhaust with an AEM wideband. As well as having help from the specialists, Connor has also custom created a lot of parts on this car – including a ‘flamer kit’.

To read the full feature article, and find out Connor’s plans for the car in the not-so-distant future, just click here.

Jack’s modified Mk2 Ford Focus ST

Jack's modified Mk2 Ford Focus ST - modified cars

Jack’s favourite shows to take his car to include: Ford on the fairway, BHP performance show, Father’s Day Motorfest – Essex, Ford Fair, TRAX, and lots of local meets in the Essex area.

How many mods have been added to his ST? Well over 30. Here’s just some of them:

  • Rs parts front splitter
  • Zunsport front grills
  • Rs style bonnent vents
  • AS quick shift
  • Blue smd dash conversion by sas conversion
  • Boost guage
  • Kn cosworth air filter
  • BD rs style crossover
  • AS turbo to crossover hose
  • Turbosmart recirc valve

To see the full list and spec, click here to visit the feature article.

Martin’s Modified Ford Falcon FG XR6

Modified Cars - Ford Falcon

Martin’s Modified Ford Falcon FG XR6 has been imported to the UK all the way from Australia. What made him choose this car? In his own words, Martin said: “How did I end up with this car? It all happened when I went on holiday to Australia, without the intention of buying another Falcon as I have the Falcon BA XR6 UTE already. Despite my best intentions, as soon as I looked through car sales, eBay, and Gumtree – I was hooked! Then, I found this one. I completely fell for it and the wife did too (which is a bonus).”

To find out how he imported it to the UK, and the modifications that have been added, click here.

Rebecca’s Modified Honda Civic EP2

Honda Civic EP2 - modified cars

Rebecca’s car certainly stands out with its custom re-spray in purple. It’s a truly stunning colour which would be hard to miss out on the road.

The full list of mods include:

  • Full custom re-spray in purple
  • Rear ‘Buddy Club’ bumper with custom diffuser
  • ‘Buddy Club’ side skirts
  • Mugen lip and grille
  • Mugen spoiler
  • Bonnet vents in gloss black
  • 421 manifold to a strait thro custom exhaust with 4 inch jap can
  • Calibre 17” alloys in gunmetal grey
  • Custom headlights with angel eyes
  • Custom registration
  • Inside is fully stripped out with ‘Sparco R333’ bucket seats and ‘Luke’ purple harnesses
  • Custom steering wheel – chrome and purple
  • Snap off boss in purple and grey
  • Inside is colour coded

To find out more about Rebecca’s EP2 and her passion for cars, read the full feature article here.

Rob’s extensively modified Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS - modified cars

Rob has owned numerous Ford’s throughout his life but has finally found the one for him.

Upon finding his dream car, he knew how he wanted to enhance it. Some of the mods include:

  • Mongoose 3inch downpipe and 100 cel sports cat
  • Miltek cat back system
  • Autospecialists cais
  • Autospecialists plenum
  • Rota GTR 19″ wheels
  • H&R 30mm lowering springs
  • SCC grooved front and back discs
  • Ferodo ds2500 pads

To read the full spec / mods list, and find out more about all the cars Rob has owned, just click here.

To see more pictures of our Customer’s Cars, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

For more information about the Modified Car Insurance policies we offer, visit our Modified Car Insurance webpage.

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