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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Sky Insurance | September 19, 2019

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Rebecca's Modified Honda Civic EP2

Rebecca’s Modified Honda Civic EP2
Sophie Cloud
  • On April 10, 2019

Rebecca owns this modified Honda Civic ep2, which is currently running at around 120bhp. It’s had a fair share of work done to it, with more in the pipeline.

The Civic has always been an extremely popular choice amongst car enthusiasts. In this week’s customer car feature, we’re going to check out some of the modifications that fellow enthusiast, Rebecca, has added to her Civic EP2!

The Modifications

Honda Civic EP2 - modified cars

  • Full custom re-spray in purple
  • Rear ‘Buddy Club’ bumper with custom diffuser
  • ‘Buddy Club’ side skirts
  • Mugen lip and grille
  • Mugen spoiler
  • Bonnet vents in gloss black
  • 421 manifold to a strait thro custom exhaust with 4 inch jap can
  • Calibre 17” alloys in gunmetal grey
  • Custom headlights with angel eyes
  • Custom registration
  • Inside is fully stripped out with ‘Sparco R333’ bucket seats and ‘Luke’ purple harnesses
  • Custom steering wheel – chrome and purple
  • Snap off boss in purple and grey
  • Inside is colour coded

Q&A with Rebecca

Here’s what Rebecca had to say regarding all things car related…

Fun fact – before my Civic, I owned a T-sport Yaris which had 3 magazine features to her name.

I’ve always been into cars. Ever since I was a little girl. I owe this to my grandad as he, too, has a huge passion for cars and the motoring world.

Regarding future work on the car – first things first… she’s booked in for a freshen up and a re-spray later on this month. After that, I’ll be getting her ready for show season with some engine work – watch this space!

Talking about show season – I help to run a Japanese car club called ‘Japattack’. If you feel like checking it out, visit our Facebook page or Instagram page.

For more pictures of Rebecca’s car and all of her future projects, check out her Instagram account by clicking here.

Insurance for a Modified Honda Civic EP2

A modified Honda Civic EP2 requires a specialist type of insurance. One which understands the difference between standard and modified cars and their capabilities / value.

At Sky Insurance, we offer specialist Modified Car Insurance. Our schemes include (but are not limited to):

  • Agreed Valuation Cover
  • Like-for-like Modifications Cover
  • Second Car Discounts
  • Limited Mileage Discounts

We work on the ethos that if you’re car isn’t standard, then your insurance shouldn’t be either. We have a friendly team on hand, ready to take your call – many of them are actually car enthusiasts themselves.

Hear it for yourself! Here’s what Rebecca had to say about our service:

I’ve had a fantastic experience with Sky Insurance – always beat everyone’s price and fantastic service.

For more reviews / feedback on our services, check out our Trustpilot blog or Trustpilot profile. Our current rating is 8.9/10.

Further Information: Sky Insurance Website | Get a Quote | Modified Car Insurance | Call Us