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Is Motor Fleet Insurance for you?

Is Motor Fleet Insurance for you?
Sophie Cloud
  • On June 20, 2019

Is Motor Fleet Insurance for you? It’s a question many people with more than two vehicles have probably asked themselves. How do you find out the answer? Research, of course. In our latest article, we highlight the benefits of having a Fleet Insurance policy, what Sky Insurance has to offer, and whether it’s right for you.

Fleet Insurance from Sky Insurance

Our Motor Fleet Insurance policies allows you to insure different types of vehicles under one policy. For example, your business may own 3 cars and 2 vans – that’s no problem. We can incorporate all of the vehicles into one policy for you, so you end up with one renewal date, and have one point of contact should you need to discuss anything – us.

We also work with a leading panel of insurers, such as Aviva, Allianz and Axa. So, you can rest assured that your policy is being handled by the experts.

What do our policies offer?

  • Competitive prices on two or more cars / vans
  • Dedicated mini fleet correspondent
  • One renewal date
  • Panel of insurers, including: Aviva, Allianz and AXA
  • Different types of vehicles can be covered within the same policy

Is Fleet Insurance for you?

If you own 2 or more cars, then talk to us. We have the ability to cover many different types of vehicles. Some of which include: private cars, vans, pick-up trucks, HGV’s, quads, agricultural vehicles and more…

When determining the cost of a fleet insurance policy, ‘claim costs’ and ‘frequency of claims’ play a pivotal role. By demonstrating effective fleet management, you could help to reduce your premium. Just some examples of effective fleet management include: driver profiling, telematics, and the installation of cameras in vehicles.

For more help on deciding whether fleet insurance is for you, we’ve created a ‘Motor Fleet Insurance’ guide to help address all of the above and more. And guess what? You can download it for FREE!

Motor Fleet Insurance Guide

Our handy guide explains all you need to know on the topic. Information in the guide include: various types of insurance cover, types of vehicles we cover, effective fleet management options (including telematics), frequently asked questions, payment options and more…

Click on the image below to request your free guide today!

Motor Fleet Insurance

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