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Maxxis British Drift Competition

Maxxis British Drift Championship 2014

Details on drifting and the BDC

In 2007, Mark Buckle and Paul McCallum re-structured the British National Drifting Series. Relaunched in 2008 as the British Drift Championship (BDC), there was now a clear road-map strategy to bring the BDC up to a professional par with many other European drift leagues, all while maintaining a solid base for grass roots competitors.

The BDC has quickly grown to also incorporate Pro and Semi-Pro classes and now enjoys the participation of not only the UK’s biggest and best drift teams, but drivers and teams from all over Europe and the USA.


The British Drift Championship now stands as the official National Drifting Championship of Great Britain. Through continuous development of BDC events, drivers and competitions, the BDC now enjoys the largest entry numbers in UK drifting.

In 2014 the BDC will continue to evolve and enjoy further growth. As the British ambassador for the sport of drifting the BDC plan to offer British teams, drivers and sponsors a professional and friendly championship upon which they can participate.

As the BDC continues to grow, so does the level of competition – the continued growth of the BDC has caused drifting teams to migrate from other championships in the UK and across Europe. Containing the best drivers from the UK and further afield, the BDC is widely recognised as the driver’s championship. With a grid of 120 competitors spread across the Semi-Pro, Pro and Super-Pro classes, the BDC is the only drift championship with the facilities to nurture the future champions of British drifting.

What is drifting?

Drifting is a sport where cars are driven sideways at high speed; the aim is to drive with as much speed and angle as possible while driving the line as instructed by the event judge or judges.

What is the British Drift Championship (BDC)?

The BDC is a series of national events organised for drivers who wish to compete in the sport of drifting, bringing in drivers from grassroots levels right up to the most experienced drivers in Europe.

Are there different classes in the BDC?

Yes, there are three classes, the Semi Professional, Professional and Super Professional.

What is the difference between the three classes?

  • The Semi Professional class is for drivers who show a basic level of drifting skills.
  • The Professional class is for drivers with a good/high standard of drifting skills.
  • The Super Professional class is for drivers with a very high standard of drifting ability.

During the season, if a Semi Pro or Pro driver finishes within the Top 4 of their class at a particular round, they are given the opportunity to compete in the class above their own at the following event. Should they qualify twice in the class above during a season, they are automatically promoted into that class permanently. Should they finish in the Top 4 in the class above their own on one occasion, they are immediately promoted to the class above.

Is there any difference between the cars used for each class?

No, all cars must be built with a full complement of safety equipment including a full roll cage. Cars in all classes twin drift so safety is of high importance.

How to get started in the BDC!

How do I get a BDC licence to be able compete?

The BDC holds licensing days where drivers are tested for drifting skills.

When and where are licensing days?

Licensing days are organised at different times and locations throughout the year and are announced on the BDC website in the License Days section.

Does my car need to be built to the rules and regulations to take part in a practice/licensing day?

No, drivers can attempt to gain a licence in a standard car.

How much does a licence cost?

A new BDC licence costs £50 and if gained during the series calendar is valid until December 31st of that year. If gained during the closed season and before Dec 31st then the licence will be valid for the following year.

Do I have to retake my licence every year?

No, once gained a licence can be renewed each year for the cost of £25. If a driver does not compete in any BDC organised event for 2 years then a driver must retake their licence and will be charged the full £50.

Where can I find the rules and regulations my car must be built to?

Yes, a full list of rules and regulations for all cars can be found on this website (see the sidebar on the right).

How do I enter an event?

At the beginning of each season drivers have the option to enter all of the championship point scoring events by paying in advance in full, a BDC licence is required prior to applying to compete in the championship.

What if I don’t want to compete in the full championship?

A deadline will be set for full season payments, once this deadline passes, details of the remaining places available will be sent to all licensed driver via email.

Can I pay for single events in advance?

No, after each round of the championship, the drivers who competed at the previous event will be given priority to pay for the next round of the championship.

Who gets to take places that become available?

A reserve list will be made of drivers who wish to compete in the championship.

Contact details will be taken and the driver at the top of the reserve will be contacted and offered a place in the following event. If the driver does not take the place they will be placed at the bottom of the reserve list. The next driver on the reserve list will be contacted offered the place and so on throughout the season.

How many rounds of the championship are there?

In 2014, there will be 5 rounds for the Semi-Pro and Pro class and 6 rounds for the Super-Pro class.

How many cars enter an event?

The championship caters for 40 drivers per class (120 drivers in total)

For more details please email: [email protected] or use the form on the Contact Us page.