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Credit Hire InsuranceCredit Hire Insurance

Most Credit Hire businesses have a pool or fleet of vehicles that they 'hire' out to customers - these customers have usually been involved in non-fault accidents, which have left their own vehicles unusable. In addition to organising the ‘credit hire’ of these vehicles to the drivers, each driver needs to be insured for the hire period. This is where InsureCarHire can be a major helping hand in the smooth running of your business.

At Sky Insurance we have designed the perfect insurance scheme to help Credit Hire companies take care of all their Credit Hire Insurance needs. InsureCarHire enables you to arrange immediate Credit Hire Insurance cover on the driver and the specific vehicle being 'credit hired' out. You can print the insurance certificate within seconds of setting up the hire.

The InsureCarHire insurance scheme has it's own separate website - for more details visit www.insurecarhire.co.uk. For further details on Credit Hire Insurance, there is also a specific page on the InsureCarHire website.

If you run a Credit Hire business, you could benefit from InsureCarHire's excellent functionality and save premium outlay by the 'pay-as-you-go' premium rates.

With InsureCarHire, you can;

  • log-in 24/7
  • hire vehicles and arrange insurance
  • allocate hire period
  • print the insurance certificate
  • save money on the 'pay-as-you-go' premium structure

To apply for an InsureCarHire account and request a quotation on premium rates, we require some details about your Credit Hire business - please complete our Quotation Request page.


InsureCarHire is a pay-as-you-go online facility that takes care of all your insurance and business requirements for your Credit Hire business. No software is required to use InsureCarHire. You just need to apply for an account. We have a sensible approach to set-up deposits and require no monthly pre-pay. We cover most vehicles and all risks are consider.

The key details of InsureCarHire are;

  • Pay-As-You-Go Insurance
  • Run Your Credit Hire Business Online
  • No Software Installation
  • No Minimum Spend
  • Online 24/7
  • Printable Credit Hire Insurance Certificate
  • Easy To Use System - with Free Support
  • Immediate Insurance Cover

To discuss this further or to apply for an account, please view the website at www.insurecarhire.co.uk.