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Criminal Record Household InsuranceCriminal Record Household Insurance

Here at Sky Insurance, we understand that it can be difficult to obtain Household Insurance quotes with a criminal record. That's why we have set up a specialist scheme to help those who need to get Household Insurance.

Dependant on the type of offence, our team should be able to assist you further with a non obligatory quote. Our scheme includes:

  • Premiums starting at £150.00
  • Minimum excess amount of £250.00

03303 331 255

The Sky Insurance Criminal Record Household Insurance

The Sky Insurance Criminal Record Household Insurance scheme enables those who have past criminal convictions to obtain a Household Insurance quote (dependant on the type of conviction).

If you, or someone who is living within your residence has a criminal conviction, then this must be disclosed to your insurance company (however minor the offence may be). This is unless the conviction has been spent under the 'Rehabilitation Act of 1974'. Dependant on a number of factors, such as: the actual offence, length of sentence imposed and / or fine, will represent how long you need to disclose the offence for.

Our Household Insurance scheme for people with a Criminal Record, covers a variety of different offences. For further information on whether or not we can cover your offence, please contact us to discuss this further.

We Can Help...

If you have a criminal conviction that is not spent under the 'Rehabilitation Act of 1974' and you are looking for Household Insurance, give our team a call today.

03303 331 255

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When am I able to no longer disclose my criminal conviction?

Answer: Once the offence / conviction has been spent under the 'Rehabilitation Act of 1974', you will no longer need to disclose the offence / conviction.

Question: What would happen if I did not disclose my unspent criminal conviction?

Answer: A criminal conviction is classed as a material fact as long as it is not deemed as spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, therefore, if this material fact is not disclosed then your insurer has a number of rights. If a claim occurs, then they have the right to refuse to pay out on the claim in addition to having the right to cancel the policy. If in doubt as to whether or not you have to disclose any information with your insurer, always check with them first.

Useful Tools

The Unlock website offers a few useful tools that allow you to check if a conviction is spent;