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Modified Motorbike InsuranceCustom Cycle Insurance

Custom Cycle Insurance is a unique type of insurance cover - as custom cycles themselves are unique.

At Sky Insurance we have developed a specialist policy to cover unique custom cycles. We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable staff who will be able to advise and arrange the appropriate type of cover required.

Key Points of our Custom Cycle Insurance policies;

  • 'Like for like; cover on modifications
  • Agreed Value policies
  • Sensible approach to security
  • No lengthy modification report forms to complete
  • 'Like for Like' custom paint replacement
  • Multi Cycle discounts
  • Cycle Club Discount
  • Dedicated Modified Cycle Insurance Team
  • Cover on Modified Motorbikes, Trikes, Couriers & Quads

At Sky Insurance, we consider ourselves Custom Cycle Insurance experts with an experienced team on hand to deal with your enquiries.

03303 331 251

We can also offer cover on other types of cycles and bikes, view our specific pages for Modified Cycle Insurance, Trike Insurance, Custom Motorbike Insurance, Motorcycle Courier Insurance and Modified Motorbike Insurance.

Nick Gale Custom Cycles

Nick Gale Custom CyclesWe receive a lot of customers from some of the best producers of Custom Cycles based in the UK, as they know that at Sky Insurance we have over fifteen years of experience insuring Custom Cycles and we are able to offer cover at excellent rates. Amongst those who recommend us is Nick Gale Custom Cycles.

Nick Gale Custom Cycles are famous throughout the world. They have won many award for their craftmanship, including;

  • 5 X Winners of 'Best In Show' European Hog Custom Shows 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Winner Cologne Custom Championships, 2008
  • Runner Up World Champions, Production Class, Sturgis, USA, 2008
  • Builder of 'Best In Show' London International Custom Bike Show, 2008

Nick Gale Custom Cycles was formed in June 2005 by Nick Gale, a multi award wining bike designer/builder. Having created MEMPHIS BELLE, a heavily customised Heritage softail, Nick went on to win over 65 trophies with the Belle in 2004.

Since then NGCC has gone on from strength to strength to becoming on of the most respected custom cycle producers in the world.

South Coast Customs - Cycle MotorCycles

South Coast Customs Cycles

Sky Insurance also have an affiliation with South Coast Customs Cycles (UK) Ltd who are the 'exclusive' UK and European distributor of one of the best USA custom cycles - The Proper Chopper. See their website for more details - www.southcoastcustoms.co.uk

Custom Cycle Insurance – The Main Insurance Issues

Trying to obtain an insurance quotation on a custom cycle can be the hardest part, as you will probably have noticed, there are not many insurance companies willing to insure them. The main issue that many insurance companies have is that the fact that the cycle is custom made, means that it does not fit easily into their 'standard' pre-assessed rating structure. They need to evaluate the cycle individually and there are only a few underwriters who are interested in doing this.

Likely, through our experience, we have developed a policy with a select few underwriters who are interested in insuring Custom Cycles.

The things insurers also consider is the cycle's performance and safety, so depending on what has been included in the build, this could cause concerns or incorporate a premium loading to cover that risk. Replacement parts or valuations on a custom build is obviously another reason why many insurance companies have issues with insuring them.

Some of the main issues that insurance companies have with Custom Cycles are:

  • performance
  • safety
  • value
  • theft risk
  • replacement parts

Through our years of developing our custom cycle insurance policies with our selection of insurance companies, we have been able to create a tailor-made policy to cover these risks securely at a very good premium rate. With our experienced team, you will not be on the phone for an hour trying to explain modifications to someone with no knowledge of modified cycles. Not only are we able to offer an excellent service and cover but our select network of underwriters can offer excellent premium rates for modified cycle insurance.

Phone Us on 03303331251