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Flood Risk InsuranceFlood Risk Insurance

Due to certain areas being classified as 'high risk' flood areas, many insurance companies cannot offer household insurance cover for those particular areas. If your home or property is within a 'flood risk' area, you will need to arrange insurance through a specialist insurer, like ourselves.

Our Flood Risk Household Insurance Scheme offers the following:

  • Cover for 'high risk' post code areas
  • Low policy excess
  • Cover for houses with historical flooding experience

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The Sky Insurance Flood Risk Insurance Scheme

If your property is located in an area within a 'high flood risk' zone or has ever suffered from flooding, you will probably find it difficult (if not impossible) to obtain an insurance quotation which includes flood cover.

Here at Sky Insurance, we have access to a specialist 'National Flood Database' which looks at each individual property, not just the street the property is located on. We look at each enquiry on its own merits and once we have obtained the full information, we will endeavour to offer terms including flood cover (however we cannot always guarantee this) with flood excess which can start as low as £1,000.

Even if you're property has historical flooding experience, we may still be able to offer cover for the property, whereas many others won't be able to.

We Can Help...

The Sky Insurance Flood Risk Insurance Scheme can insure properties in high risk areas. In addition, you will also benefit from our knowledge and experience within this field. Due to our knowledge, experience and expertise, we are able to offer very competitive premiums. Why not give us a call today, or submit an online request for a quote?

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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: There is a brook running at the back of my property. Do I need to advise my insurer of this?

Answer: Yes, you must always disclose any form of water course that is located within 250m of the property. This is vital as this may make your property prone to flooding.

Question: Do I need to disclose any historical flooding experience that has affected my property?

Answer: Yes, it's always best to be open and honest with your insurer. You will need to notify them of any claims the property has had in the past, in relation to flooding.