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Lamborghini InsuranceLamborghini Insurance Scheme

The Lamborghini Insurance Scheme is a specialist car insurance scheme with a policy tailored specifically for Lamborghini owners.

At Sky Insurance, we specialise in hard to place insurance risks, predominantly non-standard car insurance but also high performance and sports car insurance. We have been running specialist insurance schemes for many years, starting from humble roots with a scheme just for Japanese Import cars and then covering the modified cars market.

We very much prefer car enthusiasts, we have made our name in the UK’s non-standard vehicle insurance industry by building long term relationships with car clubs and enthusiast groups, we currently work with over two hundred UK based clubs and groups.

Key Options & Benefits of Lamborghini insurance via Sky Insurance:

  • Agreed Valuation
  • Track day cover (subject to underwriting conditions)
  • Salvage Retention
  • European road trip cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • Multi Vehicles covered
  • Family Fleet option (all drivers age 17-80)

03303 331 251

When it comes to Lamborghini insurance, you, the Lamborghini owner want peace of mind that your ‘toy’ is in good hands if there was ever a need to make a claim on your insurance. At Sky Insurance, we fully understand the needs of the car enthusiast, from quotation stage to claim stage, you are in the best possible hands.

We are not a ‘tick a computer box’ insurer, we offer bespoke insurance policies based on the specific demands of our car enthusiast customers, the typical vehicle we insure at Sky Insurance deserves a specialist insurer and most certainly requires a human element when providing quotations and customer liaison.

We are big enough to deal with the UK’s finest insurance underwriters but small enough to be able to offer an excellent, personal touch level of service to our customers.

Lamborghini Insurance tends to fall into three categories;

  • Collector Use: The Lamborghini is very rarely driven and is kept for very limited mileage show use and is a hobby vehicle.
  • Secondary Use: The Lamborghini is driven occasionally, as a back up vehicle or simply as a ‘weekend toy’
  • Daily Use: The Lamborghini is used as an every day mode of transport

At Sky Insurance, via our Lamborghini Car Insurance Scheme, we are able to insure you whether you fall into any of the use categories above. The most common uses for Lamborghini are collector and secondary, with this in mind most Lamborghini owners also own other vehicles so will be looking for an insurer to cater for all of the vehicles in the household.

We are able to offer singular policies, multi car policies and family fleet policies.

It is difficult to impress on you in writing how keen we are to deal with genuine car enthusiasts, we’re not interested in Mr Average and his Ford Focus Insurance (no offence!), we’re interested in customers with a passion for the cars they drive, if that is you, please call us on the number above.

Phone Us on 03303331251