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Annual Learner Driver Insurance



For annual Learner Driver Insurance policies, our minimum criteria is as follows:

  •  You must be between the ages of 17-21
  •  You must be looking to insure a vehicle you own
  •  Accompanying drivers must be between the ages of 21-72 and must have held a full UK license for a minimum of 3 years

Learner Quotes - Online Quote

By continuing with a quote, you agree for 'Sky Insurance Services Group Limited' to contact you to discuss the quote, via the phone.

 Our annual learner drivers policies are designed for you to learn to drive in your own vehicle. These policies must be cancelled upon you passing your practical driving test. We will calculate a return premium based upon the time left on the policy ( subject to claims / fees may apply) . We will then discuss with you the various options we have available for a Full UK licence policy.

Learner quotes - call for a quote 03303331256

PLEASE NOTE: calling an '03' number costs no more than a national rate call from any type of line, including mobiles, and count towards any inclusive minutes within your phone contract.



We also offer Short Term Learner Insurance for cover to learners in their own car or learners whilst borrowing someone else's car - click below for more information.

  • Cover to Practice in Someone Else's Car (1-140 Days)
  • Cover to Practice in Your Own Car (1-5 Months)