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Mid-High Net Worth Household InsuranceMid-High Net Worth Household Insurance

When it comes to Household Insurance for Mid-High Net Worth properties, many people are simply unaware of the value of their home, in addition to its contents. These contents include items such as; paintings, works of art and jewellery. All of these items can dramatically increase in value over time. As a result, you may find that a Standard Household Insurance policy provides you with insufficient cover, whereas a Mid-High Net Worth Household Insurance policy will give you the sufficient cover.

At Sky Insurance, we have a specialist Mid-High Net Worth Household Insurance Scheme. Our scheme offers the following:

  • Buildings and Contents Cover
  • Alternative accommodation for up to 36 months
  • Legal Expenses of up to £100,000.00
  • Home Emergency cover of up to £1,000.00

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The Sky Insurance Mid-High Net Worth Household Insurance Scheme

Here at Sky Insurance, we offer a competitive scheme which caters for many of your insurance related needs and requirements. In addition to Buildings and Contents cover, our scheme also includes: legal expenses, home emergency cover and excesses based on the specialist subject (for example Subsidence). 

Buildings Cover

Within our buildings cover you are covered for: accidental damage, alternative accommodation for up to 36 months, 'Trace and Access' up to £50,000.00 and Garden Cover. The Garden Cover equates to up to 10% of the building sum insured (and has a £1,000.00 single article limit).

Contents Cover

Within our contents cover you are covered for: accidental damage and 'All Risks' cover (including worldwide cover). We cover paintings, works of art and Antiques up to the value of £25,000.00, however this can be increased, if necessary. We also cover pedal bicycles up to £5,000.00.

Our Scheme also includes...

Within the above scheme you also automatically receive the following benefits: 

  • Legal Expenses - up to £100,000.00 (this includes: legal defence, tax disputes and employment)
  • Home Emergency - up to £1,000.00 (this includes: main heating system, plumbing and lost keys)
  • Policy Excess' are usually start at £1,000.00 for Subsidence and start at £250.00 for all other claims (these 'other claims' exclude: home emergency, liabilities and freezer contents. 

We Can Help...

Does your property and its contents fit into the criteria of a Mid-High Net Worth property? If so, give our specialist team a call today; they will be able to assist you further in providing you with a non obligatory quote.

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there minimum sums insured required for a mid-high net worth policy?

Answer: Yes, the minimum buildings sum insured is £200,000 and the contents is £50,000.

Question: What happens if I opt for a Standard Household Insurance scheme as opposed to a Mid-High Net Worth Household Insurance scheme?

Answer: You may find that a lot of your contents are not insured, and your standard policy may not be able to cover you up to the value you require. It's always best to check with your insurer as to what exactly is covered, before you go ahead and purchase an insurance policy.