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Modified Motorbike InsuranceModified Motorbike Insurance

Modified motorbike insurance comes under the scope of non-standard insurance, hence why it is often hard to find cover for an acceptable price. It is a unique market within the insurance industry and not every broker is able to cover such risks.

Key Points on our modified motorbike insurance policies;

  • 'Like for like; cover on modifications
  • Agreed Value policies
  • Sensible approach to security
  • No lengthy modification report forms to complete
  • 'Like for Like' custom paint replacement
  • Multi Bike discounts
  • Motorbike Club Discount
  • Dedicated Modified Motorbike Insurance Team
  • Cover on Custom Built Bikes (incl. one issues), Trikes, Couriers & Quads

At Sky Insurance, we have been successfully insuring motorbikes for over fifteen years – and with that experience we have been able to develop excellent policy terms and premium rates for modified motorbike insurance. As a broker, we consider ourselves modified motorbike insurance experts.

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Battistinis Modified Motorbikes

Battistinis, one of Europe's leading modified motorbike producers, recommends Sky Insurance to its customers for modified motorbike insurance, due to our excellent Modified Motorbike Insurance Scheme, which covers most modifications at great premium rates.

Established since 1990, Battistinis has grown through their love, enthusiasm and passion of modified motorbikes into one of the best known producers of modified motorbikes. Designing and building exquisite, high quality, unique bikes. You can view some stunning samples of their motorbikes on their website - or even arrange a visit to their workshop. www.battistinis.co.uk

Modified Motorbike Insurance – The Main Insurance Issues

If you have a modified motorbike and have experienced trouble when trying to insure it, you are probably thinking along the lines of ‘why all the fuss’ - a few changes from the original model and every insurance company either is not interested or increases the premium excessively. If the motorbike has been modified totally and no longer looks (or performs) anything like the original model, you could appreciate that it becomes harder for the insurance company to categorise the bike within it’s standard guidelines. There are issues related to their ability to assess the vehicle’s valuation and the costs of repairs if the motorbike was damaged in an accident. There is also the increased theft risk involved, due to the bike becoming more unique than others.

Some of the main issues that insurance companies have with modified motorbikes are:

  • value
  • theft risk
  • replacement parts
  • drivers may be termed high risk

Through our years of developing our modified motorbike insurance policies with our selection of insurance companies, we have been able to create a tailor-made policy to cover these risks securely at a very good premium rate.

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