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Motor Trade Insurance

Sky Insurance specialise in offering tailor-made polices for the Motor Trade Industry. To arrange a quotation, complete a Enquiry Form or phone our Motor Trade Insurance department directly on 03303 331 258.

Motor Trade Insurance

We cater for all aspects of Motor Trade insurance, from Traders who simply require Road Risk cover, to those who also need to cover premises, stock, tools & liabilities.

Road Risks Insurance

Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance provides cover for you to drive your own motor vehicles and, if applicable, your customers vehicles on the public highway as legally required under the Road Traffic Act

Motor Traders Combined Policy

With the Motor Traders Combined Policy, you can also fully cover the requirements of your business, providing a more efficient way to make sure everything is covered.

Courtesy Car Insurance

For businesses involved in repairing vehicles following accidents - covering Courtesy Cars whilst the repairs take place.

Performance, Modified & Imports

Sky Insurance can also consider insuring risks that involve High Performance, Modified & Imported vehicles.

Breakdown & Recovery Agents

We have access to a panel of insurers who provide competitive rates for Breakdown & Recovery agents and can offer cover for customer vehicles whilst they are being worked upon, towed or transported.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Have a company fleet of vehicles that need insuring? Challenge us to beat your Motor Fleet Insurance Renewal – we could save you a lot of money.

Self Drive Hire Insurance

If you are in the business of hiring out vehicles, or you do this part time within your Motor Trade business structure, we have a dedicated scheme for this.


Motor Insurance Database - it is now a legal requirement that all insurance on vehicles is registered on the MID.

Motor Trade Insurance

If you’re part of the motor trade, then you’ll need insurance. We at Sky Insurance can design a competitively priced policy so that you’re covered for every necessary eventuality including liability insurance, building insurance and personal assault among many others.

03303 331 258

We can provide cover for:

  • Motor Trader Insurance
  • Motor Traders Combined Policies
  • Part Time Motor Traders Insurance
  • Car Sales Garages
  • Buyers and Sellers of Motor Vehicles
  • Bodywork and Mechanical Repairers
  • MOT/Service Centres
  • Vehicle Transporters
  • Breakdown and Recovery Services
  • Vehicle Valeters
  • Vehicle Delivery
  • ICE Installers
  • Vehicle Detailers
  •  Car Hire Insurance – Self Drive Hire
  •  High Performance, Modified & Imported Vehicles Cover

We also provide part time motor trade insurance for those who don’t work full time in the industry.

The most basic cover is Road Risks, which allows you to drive any of your own personal vehicles and any standard car in your control or custody for motor trade purposes. Cover can be extended for demonstration purposes, allowing a potential customer to test drive any of the vehicles that you have for sale.

Get a Quote from Sky Insurance Today

Here at Sky Insurance we are proud to offer you cheap motor trade insurance, tailor made for you and your business’s needs. Get your quote by calling us on 03303 331 258 or completing the Enquiry Form. If you’re looking for motor trade insurance online, then you need look no further. Get your personal quote today.

Motor Trade Insurance FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) may assist you by clicking here.

03303 331 258

Motor Trade – Road Risks Insurance Cover

Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance provides cover for you to drive your own motor vehicles and, if applicable, your customers vehicles on the public highway as legally required under the Road Traffic Act.

You may also extend the policy to include cover for vehicles at your home address and at your work premises, in connection with your business.

Cover for Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance can be either Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only. The insurance also covers any trade plates registered to you that have been notified to your insurer.

This form of insurance protection is available for proposers operating a Motor Trade business on a full or part time basis, with or without commercial premises. Cover can also be extended to include business use for the proposer’s other occupation. Insurance cover is only operative when an insured vehicle is being used on the public highway, or is temporarily parked during the course of a journey. 

Motor Traders Combined Policy

In addition to Road Risks cover, businesses that operate from premises will normally require additional insurance to protect them adequately in the event of an insurable loss.

With the Motor Traders Combined Policy, you can fully cover the requirements of your business, providing a more efficient and convenient way to make sure everything eventuality is covered.

To arrange a quotation, it will probably be more suitable to call us to discuss your full requirements with one of our Motor Trade Insurance specialists.

Rarely are two business models the same, so whether you have a showroom, a body shop, MOT / Service centre, car wash, provide a valeting / detailing service, operate a crash repair centre or a combination of different services, we can tailor a policy to suit your businesses needs.

The following is a, non-exhaustive, list of the types of cover that can be included under a Motor Trade Combined Policy:

Part-Time Motor Traders Insurance

From our years of experience in Motor Trade Insurance, we are aware that some people run smaller motor trade businesses and some people are part-time motor traders based at home - we can offer tailor made policies to suit this type of risk. Just call one of our experienced team today to discuss your requirements and we will find the polciy to match your requirements, be it part-time Motor Trader Insurance or a smaller Motor Trade business - our flexibility to be able to build policies around your requirements enables us to be very competitive in terms of premium.

Buildings cover

If you own your own premises you can incorporate cover for your building in the event of it being damaged by fire, theft, flood, explosion or break in. If you rent premises you can cover yourself in respect of Tenants Improvements cover.

03303 331 258


Whether your stock is vehicles, parts or motor trade related goods we can provide cover in the event of material damage, theft or loss.

Liability Insurance

There are various liability covers that can be taken to protect yourself in the event that a claim is pursued against you for injury or property damage where you are believed to be responsible for the cause.

  • Employers Liability – compulsory by law if you have employees
  • Public Liability – Provides cover against claims brought against you by a member of the public who suffers an injury at your premises.
  • Sales & Servicing Liability – Will provide cover for compensation claims brought against you for injury or Third Party property damage, if the injury or damage has been caused by defective work you have carried out or if you’ve sold a defective vehicle.

Business Interruption Insurance

Additional cover can be included to protect your income / financial responsibilities in the event that you find yourselves unable to trade for a period of time (normally up to 12 or 24 months) following a claim made for an insurable loss.

Engineering Inspection

Garages with lifting equipment are required to have inspections carried out on their equipment, normally every 6 or 12 months. Although this is not an insurance policy as such, Sky Insurance can arrange for an inspection to be carried out on all of your lifting equipment and the subsequent reports and certificates available for you to view online, normally within 48hrs of the inspection being carried out.

High Performance / Modified / Import Vehicles

It’s a common misconception that a Motor Trade policy will cover a policyholder to drive any motorcar in his / her possession. In reality, most trade policies impose restrictions on the types of car you are able to drive.

Sky Insurance has access to specialist schemes who provide cover for Traders who buy / sell / repair / modify the types of vehicles listed above. 

Uninsured Loss Recovery

We provide free uninsured loss recovery up to £50,000 in the event of a non-fault road accident with a traceable driver for any out-of-pocket expenses that may be incurred. Contact us for further details.

Courtesy & Loan Car Insurance & Self Drive Hire Insurance

This is an exclusive product available through one of our other scheme, InsureCarHire. Pay-As-You-Go self-drive hire insurance is available to cover various schemes ranging from the credit hire market through to courtesy & loan cars provided to customers whilst you are working on their vehicle.

Breakdown & Recovery Agents

Often seen as a higher risk by insurers, Breakdown and Recovery Agents normally have a restrictive market to choose from when trying to source insurance cover.

We have access to a panel of insurers who provide competitive rates for Breakdown & Recovery agents and can offer cover for customer vehicles whilst they are being worked upon, towed or transported as well as cover for your own recovery vehicle.

Sales, Service & Product Liability

This insurance cover can be taken out as a standalone policy or added to a Road Risks or Combined Motor Trade Policy.

The cover offers protection for you or your Motor Trade business against damages and legal costs for injury or property damage arising out of the sale of vehicles, parts or repair of servicing of vehicles.

Claims - What to do in the event of a claim

Details of the claims procedure and contact telephone numbers will be contained within your insurance policy documents. In order to protect your own interest, we recommend that you follow the instructions on how to report a claim to minimise any inconvenience to yourself and the day to day running of your business. We are available during office hours to provide help and assistance. We understand the importance of dealing with claims and ensure that any concerns you may have are dealt with as quickly as possible.