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Non-Standard Construction Household InsuranceNon-Standard Construction Household Insurance

If your property is considered as a 'non-standard construction', it can be very frustrating trying to arrange household insurance cover, as most insurers do not cover these kinds of risks.

Here at Sky Insurance, we are able to provide quotes and cover on these kinds of risks. Some of the risks we can insure are the following:

  • Thatched roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Unusual building materials
  • Legal expenses cover

We can place most types of risk, regardless of how unusual they may be. Call us today to discuss any aspects of your non-standard construction building.

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The Sky Insurance Non-Standard Construction Household Insurance Scheme

Your property may well be a 'non-standard construction' building and will therefore require 'Non-Standard Construction Household Insurance' in order to make sure it's true value is covered. 

Non-standard construction properties come in a variety of different materials. For example, properties made out of Timber, Wattle and Daub are covered under this Sky Insurance scheme. Other factors also take into consideration the type of roof a property has. For example, roofs that are corrugated, made from EPDM Rubber or Grass, are also all covered under this Sky Insurance scheme.

Non-Standard Construction Household Insurance can cover aspects of your property which Standard Household Insurance just can't. 

We Can Help...

Sky Insurance's Non-Standard Construction Scheme may well be the answer to your endless 'declines'. Whether it is due to the construction style or the materials, call us today to discuss things further...

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to let my insurance company know that my property is not built from brick or does not have a pitched roof?

Answer: Yes, as one of the biggest rating factors of a property is the construction type. This is because some types of material, such as timber, has an increased risk of fire and therefore some additional terms may be applied.

Question: How do I know if my property is a non-standard construction or not?

Answer: If you are unsure on the type of property you own, give our specialist team a call and run through the specification with them. They will then be able to advise if the property is non-standard construction or not.