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Subaru Car Club Insurance Scheme

Subaru Car Club Insurance

Sky Insurance runs a Subaru Car Club Insurance Scheme that rewards members of Subaru Car Clubs. Through research and past experience we have found that car club members generally are more passionate about their vehicles and tend to be much more careful with them than many normal drivers. We have therefore managed to prove this to the insurance underwriters of this scheme and negotiated a special discounted rate for Subaru Car Club Members.

The Insurance Scheme offers;

  • significant discounted premiums for Club Members
  • a policy tailored to suit Car Club Members requirements
  • a Subaru Car Club liaison to assist your club with any insurance issues
  • a trained and knowledgeable backup team of staff

If you are a member of a Subaru Car Club that is affiliated to our Insurance Scheme, you will be entitled to these benefits. If your Car Club is not yet affiliated to our Scheme, you can contact us here to discuss an affiliation.

How To Apply

If you would like to be affiliated with our Car Club Scheme, so your members can enjoy the benefits of this scheme, please email [email protected] or call 03303 331 251 with the following details;

  • Car Club name
  • Contact name
  • How long the club has been running
  • Number of members
  • Contact phone number or preferred email address

03303 331 251

We are looking for well run, active Car Clubs with responsible members. We will contact you shortly to discuss setting up the affiliation.

Some of the Subaru Car Clubs already enjoying the benefits of the scheme;

  • Subaru Central
  • Impreza Type RA
  • Scoobynet
  • The New WRX Owners Club
  • Kent Scoobies

Already affiliated to the Subaru Car Club Insurance Scheme?

Check with your Car Club's moderator to see if your club is already affiliated with Sky Insurance - if not, feel free to advise the moderator or organiser to contact us to discuss an affiliation.

We have slowly and carefully developed this scheme over the past five years to make it as suitable as possible to Car Club Members and their requirements. Our reputation has grown and led to some of the UK's Premier Car Clubs selecting us as their official insurance provider and we are now in the pleasant position of being able to take on more Car Clubs for them to also enjoy the great benefits and premium discounts from the scheme.

Phone Us on 03303331251