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Subsidence InsuranceSubsidence Insurance

If your property has experienced subsidence, you will already know that it is not easy to arrange household insurance on that particular property. Many insurance companies even go to the lengths of excluding cover for subsidence.

At Sky Insurance, we don't exclude subsidence. We have a specialist Subsidence Household Insurance Scheme. Our Scheme offers:

  • Standard or Accidental Damage cover
  • Subsidence excess of £2,500
  • World-wide Personal Belongings cover

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The Sky Insurance Subsidence Insurance Scheme

Subsidence is mainly caused by properties being built on clay soil, by cracked drains or by tree / vegetation roots which draws water from the soil. One of the first signs of possible subsidence problems can be vertical cracking in the walls of the property but be aware - this doesn't always mean that there is a serious problem. If the property is newly built then you would usually expect some sort of cracking to appear, as this is a sign the property is settling on its foundations. This is normal.

Here at Sky Insurance, we have specialist in-house subsidence underwriters who can usually offer an immediate quotation. Cover can include either Standard or Accidental Damage with the Subsidence excess starting at £2,500.

Additional cover options include 'Personal Belongings', which can also be included for World Wide cover, for up to 365 days a year. We can cater for properties which are owned by the occupier, second home properties and holiday homes.

We Can Help...

Sky Insurance's Subsidence Insurance Scheme is a specialist household insurance scheme that can cover subsidence risks. We have insurers that are experienced in insuring this kind of risk. They understand the cover required and can therefore offer competitive premiums. Call us today for more information, or submit an online request for a quote...

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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My property suffered from subsidence over 25 years ago. Do I need to advise my insurance company of this?

Answer: Many insurers only require you to disclose subsidence issues that have happened within the last 25 years. However, it's recommended that you advise the insurer that the issue occurred, and when it occurred.

Question: Why is the excess quite high for a subsidence policy?

Answer: To cover properties that have suffered from subsidence, landslip or heave issues within the last 25 years (that have been underpinned or in an area that is prone to subsidence) most policies will have an excess of £2,500. A subsidence claim can be a very expensive claim, the excess therefore reflects this.