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Trike InsuranceTrike Insurance

Trike Insurance is not easy to find, as many brokers can not cover trikes. At Sky Insurance we have been running a specialist Trike Insurance Scheme for many years now, offering owners of trikes excellent premium rates and terms of cover. We also have a dedicated Trike Insurance Team that have many years of experience insuring trikes. We like to consider ourselves as the Trike Insurance Experts.

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Key Points on our trike insurance policies;

  • 'Like for like' cover on modifications
  • Sensible approach to security
  • No lengthy modification report forms to complete
  • Dedicated Trike Insurance Team
  • Cover on Custom Built Bikes (incl. one issues), Cycles, Couriers & Quads

In addition to Trike Insurance, you can view our specific pages for Modified Cycles Insurance, Custom Cycle Insurance (incl. one off issues), Modified Motorbike Insurance, Custom Motorbike Insurance, Quad Bike Insurance & Motorcycle Courier Insurance.

Custom Trike Insurance

As trikes are individually made, they all are technically custom trikes and sometimes can come under the umbrella of custom trike insurance. Our scheme covers this too!

Trike Insurance - The Main Issues

As most trikes are custom made, it makes it much more complicated for an insurance company to assess the risk involved and this is a major reason why many insurance brokers are unable to offer trike insurance. As the trikes are not enclosed vehicles, this also increases the risk of injury to the drivers - which again has a negative effect on the risks involved when insuring trikes. There is also the increased theft risk involved, due to the bike becoming more unique than others.

Some of the main issues that insurance underwriters have with trike insurance are:

  • value
  • theft risk
  • replacement parts
  • drivers may be termed high risk

Through our years of developing our trike insurance policies with our selection of insurance companies, we have been able to create a tailor-made policy to cover these risks securely at a very good premium rate.

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